Jennifer Whitten

mixed media artist


Detail of Mile Markers, bead embroidery assemblage.


Illusion Shatterer, 2015, beadwork assemblage.

Artist's Bio

Beadwork, collage, printmaking, fiber arts, assemblage, and book arts. These are the techniques Jennifer Whitten integrates into her artwork. She defines herself as a mixed media artist. Jennifer creates wall hung artworks, both functional and non-functional objects, and jewelry. She has a formal background in the fine arts and is also a board certified art therapist. Jennifer's work has been included in regional and national juried exhibits and has been published in books, magazines, desk calendars, and note card sets. She teaches workshops and gives lectures on the media she uses in her artwork. Her line of jewelry and gift items is called, Intricacies: Objects and Adornment.

Artist's Statement

I keep written journals, visual journals, and sketchbooks, which are always nearby, waiting to capture an idea or observation to be explored more fully at a later time. These books record a direct and often quick way of working. Most of my art pieces are born of the direct process of working in these books; however, the finished pieces involve techniques that are more indirect and take much more time to complete. I am drawn to techniques and media which are either labor intensive, such as intricate bead embroidery, or have many steps and therefore opportunities for changing the image, such as printmaking and collage. I am always working on many pieces at once, each in various stages of completion, and this habit encourages cross-pollination in my work.

My artwork expresses my passion for my media and for finding a balance between product and process. My artwork is about both the content of the piece and the way in which it is created. The intricate nature of the beaded surfaces elevates the subject matter of my work, which ranges from the sacred to the profane. Printing, beading, stitching, binding, and embellishing are repetitive, the results of which bring strong visual power to works that are of a small scale. I am inspired by expressions of other cultures that capture these ideas, from the pointillism of Aboriginal artworks to the sequined surfaces of Haitian Voodoo flags.


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Jennifer Whitten